Sunday, April 21, 2013

Michigan Recruiting...Dakich?

Photo Credit: Laura Pratt
So a few sites have started reporting that John Beilein and staff are still looking at a few 2013 players and among them is Andrew Dakich.  As many will quickly see, Dakich has a pretty well known name. That's because his father works for ESPN as a college basketball analyst.  He covered several Michigan games this season including Michigan's road game against Wisconsin.  Regardless of his heritage, Dakich has the potential to offer the Wolverines a lot starting next season.

Dakich is a point guard that stands at 6'1" and receives most of his attention based on his basketball IQ and his intelligent gameplay.  He's a player that understands the game and the little things that can make an offense run effectively.  Unfortunately, he doesn't quite have the body to match his game understanding.  He has the height at 6'1", but he doesn't have the quickness or athleticism of most D1 prospects. Imagine a player like Spike except probably a little slower.  He's worked on his game as of late as well and improved his outside shot, which makes the Spike comparison even better.

So he has potential, but he has limits on what he can do against the top competition.  This is the main reason Michigan is looking at him as a preferred walk-on and not as a scholarship player.  He hasn't been getting much attention as a scholarship player, which should calm expectations.  If Michigan gets him to commit, it's not like they are stealing a solid scholarship player for a walk-on position.  Dakich has the potential to contribute at some point, but even with the most favorable projections, this isn't a player to get too hyped about in the near future.

However, what makes this so interesting is the extra security it would give Michigan for the next few years.  Of course, Dakich would be expected to redshirt and then potentially play the next season, but take a look at Michigan's roster next season.  They have considerable talent and depth, but it's pretty thin in certain areas and especially at the point.  Derrick Walton and Spike Albrecht should be good players next season, but those are the only two guys for the position.  Nobody else on the Michigan roster
next year besides these two is projected to be a point guard.  This means that if either player were to get injured, that leaves virtually no depth at arguably the most important position on the court.

A dropoff from starters to the bench should be expected, but it's also expected that there is a bench.  Even this season the Wolverines had players like Eso Akunne that could come off the bench if necessary in an injury situation.  Dakich would give the team that extra security blanket for up to 5 years if he ends up joining the roster.  So even though this is a recruitment that won't merit a ton of attention, it has the potential to be huge if the Wolverines run into unfortunate circumstances.

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