Saturday, June 29, 2013

Hoke's Mad Magicians Goes To The Magazine Rack (Again)

Photo Credit: Lindy Sports
Over the summer and fall, fans are bombarded with an almost never-ending onslaught of college football previews, in the form of websites, television shows, and magazines.  Well, in an exciting announcement, Hoke's Mad Magicians' writer Thomas Beindit will again be featured in this fall's edition of the Lindy's Sports' college football preview for the 2013 Michigan Wolverines.

Lindy's Sports started in 1982 with a SEC college football preview and is "widely recognized as one of the nation's top preseason sports magazines".  They release preseason magazines covering everything including college football, the NFL, the MLB, and more.  Last year, they released their first ever Michigan specific college football and they are again continuing with "In the Huddle".

The magazine features over 100 pages of some of the best Michigan coverage you will find anywhere.  Coverage includes extensive schedule analysis, position-by-position profiles, coaches and players features, and a historical feature.  If you truly want to be prepared for the 2013 Michigan season, this is a great magazine to buy and will be an enjoyable read for casual and die-hard fans.

The article by our own Thomas Beindit is a feature looking at Brendan Gibbons and his career at Michigan.  The article will not only look at what Gibbons has to offer Team 134, but also what he has done in the early parts of his career.  During this time, he literally went from an unknown commodity to one of the better kickers in the Big Ten and the nation.

Here is a small preview of the upcoming article:

"...This was the type of thing that plagued Michigan during Rich Rodriguez’s tenure and during the early portion of Gibbons’ career.  Gibbons himself even admitted being “down” after his first season of play at Michigan, but said switching kickers was probably “the right call for the team” since the they weren’t making their kicks.  When Brady Hoke arrived on campus in early 2011, he had to work to improve many things on Michigan’s roster, one of the most significant being  place kicking.  In 2010, Michigan tried several kickers out over the course of the season and Gibbons was not alone in the kicking struggles, but during two seasons, he had still made only one out of five field goal attempts.  The writing was on the wall about Gibbons and the special teams when Hoke arrived and it wasn’t good. 
This is what made the 2011 season so magical for Gibbons and the Wolverines.  Improving during an offseason is nothing uncommon, especially at the college level.  Players constantly begin in one place and come back significantly improved by the next fall.  However, achieving this improvement as a place kicker is significant.  It is arguably one of the most difficult positions to undergo a large improvement midway through an individual’s career...."

If you're interested in buying the 2013 Michigan preview by Lindy's Sports, please check out the link below.  The magazine is a great buy and is well worth the $9.99:  In the Huddle - Michigan

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