Thursday, January 2, 2014

Blake McLimans Update

Photo Credit: Thomas Beindit
One of the interesting notes from the offseason was the transfer of Blake McLimans from Michigan to Miami (OH) as a graduate student.  This would mean that he could receive immediate playing time for the Red Hawks.  Since McLimans would be entering his fifth year, Beilein had the option of allow Blake to return or transfer.  We can't say whether it was Beilein's decision or mutual since nothing really leaked, but considering that McLimans would be fighting for playing time, it was probably more of a mutual decision to transfer.

McLimans has played in 4 games for Miami this season and has almost matched the minutes he played in during any season at Michigan in just those 4 games.  Unfortunately, due to a family illness, McLimans opted to leave the team and would not return for the season.  Something that seemed quite promising took a turn for the worst unfortunately.  He had been playing major minutes and appeared like he could have a real impact for Miami.  Best wishes to Blake and his family.

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