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Hoke's Mad Magicians is a blog dedicated to Michigan collegiate athletics and the University of Michigan.  Our mission to supply fans and alumni with the best analysis of events related to the University of Michigan on the web.  Many sites provide instant updates and quick news, but our goal is to bring better breakdowns, previews, and analysis of games, recruiting and institutional changes that will provide fans and alumni with a better understanding.

The blog's name, Hoke's Mad Magicians, is in honor of the 1947 Michigan Wolverines. This 1947 team was coached by Fritz Crisler and included star athletes Bruce Hikene, Bob Chappius and Bump Elliot and ended the season oustcoring their opponents 394-53. The team was also nicknamed the "Mad Magicians" and finished the year with victories over Michigan State, Ohio State, and USC (in a 48-0 Rose Bowl victory). This win still remains as the largest margin of victory ever for a Rose Bowl game.

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